Mascus Webshop

Do you want to present your stock in your own website in a professional way without the programming/maintenance troubles?

Get Mascus Webshop solution, a modern webshop for your own website presenting your constantly updated stock to your visitors!

  • Place your ads on Mascus and website in a single go.
  • Reduce the maintenance/programming responsibilities, Mascus is in charge of your used equipment page.
  • Great design and usability in accordance to your brand.
Mascus Turkey
Vijzelstraat 68-78, 1017 HL Amsterdam
Telefon:   +31 68 4261 325


Mascus Webshop is the quick and easy way to update your listings, and keep your page fresh and exciting! The Mascus Webshop solution is designed specifically for Mascus customers. We provide you with your own used equipment site, either as a separate webpage or as an addition to your existing site. You can then position your equipment for sale in two separate locations, but without having to go into separate pages and repeat everything! This makes it quicker and easier to maximize your exposure online, and drive more sales.

Mascus Webshop saves you administration time and money too, and keeps your machine data fresh and exciting.

At Mascus Webshop, we can customize your webpage with some great extras too, including category icons, a currency converter, pictures of up to 10 of the latest machine ads with or without thumbnails and a Request form on your front page so that your customers can sign up to regular updates. All of this can be done in 25 different languages, giving you the chance to talk to your customers all around the world and maximise your market penetration. Reach out to an even greater worldwide audience with Mascus Webshop.