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Polygonmach mobile 160tph drum mix asphalt plant

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Polygonmach mobile 160tph drum mix asphalt plant
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Polygonmach drum mix or continuous type hot mix asphalt plant is a type of asphalt plant where the heating and mixing processes occur in a continuous manner within a rotating drum. The functions of a drum mix/continuous type Polygonmach asphalt plant include: Aggregate Storage and Handling: The plant has storage bins or silos to store various sizes of aggregates. These aggregates are sorted and fed into the plant for processing. Drying and Heating: The aggregates are fed into the rotating drum, where they are heated and dried using hot gases. This process removes moisture from the aggregates. Asphalt Binder Storage and Heating: The plant has storage tanks for storing the asphalt binder, which is heated to a specified temperature before being introduced into the drum. Mixing: As the aggregates move through the drum, they come into contact with the hot asphalt binder, resulting in the mixing of the materials to produce hot mix asphalt. Storage and Loadout: The hot mix asphalt is temporarily stored in silos or storage bins until it is ready for loadout onto trucks for transportation to the construction site. Polygonmach drum mix/continuous type asphalt plants are used in various applications, including road construction, highway projects, airport runways, and large-scale paving projects. Options: continuous Capacity: Max.: 400 t/h(245 lb/s)Min.: 40 t/h(24 lb/s)Diğerlerini göster

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