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Polygonmach Polymer Modification Plant

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Polygonmach Polymer Modification Plant
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Polymer Modification Plant Full Automatic TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Grinding and homogenizing Polymer (SBS,APP,KRATON etc.) and bitumen. Feeding : Bitumen and polymer pre-mixture Flow rate : max. 15 t/hour Density : 1.1 g/cm3 Viscosity : max.20000 mPa s (cP) Heat: 190 °C Solid Matter : Machine Entrance :max. 3-6 mm Machine Exit :max. 0.2 mm MOTOR 130 kW Speed 3000 min-1 Voltage 400 V,50 Hz,3 phase Starting methode Y/Δ 2. VERTICAL MIXING TANK a) Frame - Will be manufactured as vertical rectangular profile. - Will be manufactured in dimentions as providing 11 m3 volumes. - Body will be produce 5 mm St37 quality plate. - Bitumen filling pipe will be 3’’ DN80 ,PN16,DIN2633 1 unit, discharge pipe will be 3’’ DN150,PN16,DIN2633 and 3’’ DN80,PN16,DIN 2633 2 units. - Control cover will be dimensions of 500x500 mm. b) Heating - It will be as providing from from out walls with diathermic hot oil heating. - Imperviousness test will not be performed under 6 bar. c) Insulation - 100 mm rapid wire-mesh rock wool will be comply with TSE ( Turkish Standards Institute ) standarts. - The exterior surface will be stainless steel plate and will be manufactured as to container dimentions. d) Mixing System - 2x 7,5 kW 60 d/min rpm mixing motor - Drive will be provided with sprockets - Imperviousness will be obtained at beddings. - Bearings will be SKF or FAG. - The Fixed wings at exteriror walls will be mounted so that dispersion will be increased and a homogeneous structure will be provided. e) Heat displays will be digital and analogue and two outlets will exits. f) Built-in connection paddle, ladders and platform will be presented. 3. BITUMEN PUMPS - Will be 2 ½ XLA type with oil heating. - Pump capacity will be as 25 t/h bitumen pumping - Will be 7,5 kW 400 r/min reducer motor coupled. 4. SBS (POLYMER MODIFIED GRANULE) FEEDING UNIT a) Feed Hopper - Will have 500 x 500 gap width - Will be produced of 4mm plate - In feding helix, it will be mounted with bolt30 m3/h capacity granulate feeding. - Frame will be in 5 mm Wall thickness from 220 mm diameter pipe. - Imperviousness will be provided in beddings. - In bearings SKF or FAG will be used. - Will 5,5 kW 80 rpm gear unit with coupling drive. 5. PIPE NETWORK AND EQUIPMENTS a) Pipes - Will be steel drawn pipes DIN 171175 (DN200,DN150,DN100,DN80,DN65,DN25) - Mill line will be manufactured as 3’’ inner pipe, 4’’ out jacket pipe. - Jacket pipes will be welded connection under TSE standarts. - Jumper pipes will be established from appropriate points of 1’’. b) Compensatories - DN 50,DN 80, PN 16 400°C c) 3 ways and 2 ways valves with heating - Complied to TSE standarts. - Pneumatic control type will be used. - Will provide the conditions of working under high pressure (16 bar) and heat (230 °C) d) Hot Oil Valves - KLINGER or THERMO branded hot oil valve with pistons will be used. - Will be DN 25 PN16, DN65 PN16, DN50 PN16 e) Filter - Will be with 3 mm wire interior reservoir and it will be cleanable often and easy. - Will be with 3’’ flange entrance and exit pipe. 6. ELECTRIC AND CONTROL SYSTEM - Air - Conditioned operator station (2000x2400 mm) - System will be PLC controlled. (SIEMENS) - Shalt and control panel will be present in the system. - The panel will be in type of compiled to IC standarts. - The mixing period and heat will be controlled automatically. - The PMB prepared at the system will be automatically serviced to stock tank. - All of the valves will be controlled at the operation panel by pneumatic actuators during all processed performed. - Heats and flow will be monitored digitally and manually. 7. CHASSIS - It will be manufactured as container. - Bottom chassis will be manufactured by NPI 220 profile. - All columns and tendons will be manufactured by 120 x 120 bin profile as bin. - Lifting crampon will be disposed to proper area. - There will be platform, barrier and ladder = More information = Empty weight: 18.000 kg Warranty: 24 months Productivity: 10 tphDiğerlerini göster

Polygonmach Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

saray mah 675 cadde no:24/4 06830 ankara Ankara Türkiye
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