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Constmach Briquette Making Machine (Concrete Block Machine)

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Constmach Briquette Making Machine (Concrete Block Machine)
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You can call us 24/7 for Briquette Machine (Concrete Block Making Machine) for Sale Our BS-30 Briquette Making Machine revolutionizes building material production efficiently. This high-tech machine combines innovation with speed and reliability, perfectly streamlining the production process of interlocking blocks and brick parts. At the heart of the BS-30's capabilities is its ability to produce 30 interlocking parts per pallet in just 30 seconds and 10 block parts in just 23 seconds. These features make it a powerhouse in the field of productivity. The powerful hydraulic pump delivers a flow rate of 60 liters per minute ensuring consistent performance and has a cooling capacity of 90 liters per minute, supported by the compact yet powerful 0.18 kW motor. Our precision-engineered machine features the Tellus 46 brand hydraulic system, equipped with 250 liters of oil capacity, and is supported by 120 bar working pressure. This is complemented by 15,000 kg of vibration compaction force designed to compact materials effectively. Structurally, the BS-30 is designed for durability; The machine, which has dimensions of 2.2x7x2.5 meters and weighs 9,000 kg, is equipped with a 650 kg Lock Mold produced by oxygen cutting and CNC milling and a corrosion plate with a laser cutting system weighing 500 kg. Control is simplified through a Schneider PLC system with a 7-inch touch screen that provides easy operation and precise control over every aspect of the production process. The durability of our machine is further increased with corrosion-protected sheet metal in the mixer section made of ST52 steel, ensuring long-lasting reliability in all conditions. BS-30 Briquette Making Machine not only delivers superior performance but also promises a hassle-free operational experience, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their production capabilities without directly specifying the construction industry. Invest in BS-30 today and step into a new era of building material production where efficiency and innovation meet. BS-30 Briquette Making Machine Technical Specifications Machine Features Number of Interlocks and Printing Time: 30 interlocks, 30 seconds printing time Block Parts and Printing Time: 10 blocks, 23 seconds printing time Pump Power: 60 lt/min, Efficiency: 0.98 Hydraulic Cooler Capacity: 90 lt/min, 0.18 kW Hydraulic System Brand and Oil Capacity: Tellus 46, 250 lt Machine Working Hydraulic Pressure: 120 bar Vibration Compression Force: 15,000 kg Machine Dimension and Weight: 2.2 x 7 x 2.5 m, 9000 kg Lock Mold Features: Oxygen cutting and CNC Milling, 650 kg Block Mold Features: Corrosion plate, laser cutting system, 500 kg Stacking Robot Pump Power: 21 lt/min x 2 Robot Dimension and Weight: 1.45 x 3 x 1.5 m, 1500 kg Electrical Control PLC, Module and Display: Schneider, 7 inch touch screen Thermal and Conductor Brand: Schneider (France), Weid Moeller (Germany) Mortar Tape Size and Weight: 8m length, 70cm width, 1000kg Mixer Mixer Capacity: 7500 dm³ Mixing Process: 1200 kg sand, 190 kg cement, 75 kg water; Average time: 2.5 minutes Anti-Corrosion Protective Sheet: 15 mm thickness, st52 steel Mixer Motor Power and Torque: 18.5 kW, 40 rpm x 2 pcs, 11500 Nm Sand Band Size and Weight: 10m length, 60cm width, 1000kg Aggregate Hopper and Weight Band Hopper Capacity and Weight: 15 m³ x 4 pcs, 6200 kg Valve Type and Power: Vibration system, 0.5 kW x 4 Tape Dimension and Weight: 10m length, 60cm width, 1000kg Cement Silo And Equipment Silo Capacity and Weight: 45 tons, 5500 kg Silo Dimensions: Diameter: 2250 mm, Height: 11500 mm Cement Weight Specifications: 300 kg Load Cell Brand and Capacity: ESIT, 500 kg Extra Features: Safety valve, 24 m² open area filter (airjetplus)Diğerlerini göster


Halilbeyli Bayosb Anadolu Cad. No:1 Bağyurdu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 35743 Kemalpaşa IZMIR Türkiye
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