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Polygonmach 30-45m3/hour site type mobile plant

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Polygonmach 30-45m3/hour site type mobile plant
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EN: Originally painted
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Aggregate bunker : 4 x 6 m3 or 2x12m3 Seperation Available Aggregate tranfer conveyor 650 mm x 2450mm Main Chassis Cement weighing bunker - 300 kg Water weighing bunker - 200 L(galvanized) Additive weighing bunker – 50 lt kg(galvanized) Compressed air installations - Pressus POLYGON P500 - Planetery mixer: 0,75/0,5m3(Brand:Polygon) 18,5 KW Ermaksan Gearbox. Gamak Engine Power Board and Control Panel Automation system - PLC(Siemens) + PC ,Printer, Touch Panel and Electric Components Water Pump 20 m3/Hour) Support Structure Tandem Axles, Tires and Hook for Easy Transport Handrails, Maintenance Platform, Ladders are Galvanised 800X13 500mm Concrete Discarhe Transfer Belt Conveyor for Transmixer with Special Scraper (4 Meters Height) Bolted Type Cement Silo(50 Tons)+Cement Screw(WAM)168*5000mm +Silo Equipments(WAM)(Silo Filter, Air Jets, Safety Valve,Level Indıcators max-min with alarm systems) (All WAM) PLANT DETAIL BRAND POLYGON MODEL POLYGON PAC30 CONCRETE PLANT PLANT MODEL CONCRETE PLANT WITH PLANETERY MIXER PLANT CAPACITY Fresh Concrete 30 m3/Hour AGGREGATE BUNKER CAPACİTY 4x6= 24 M³ CEMENT WEIGHT CAPACITY 300 kg WATER WEIGHT CAPACITY 150 kg MIXER CAPACITY 750-500 LT PLANETERY MIXER(P S1000) TOTAL ENGİNE POWER 65 Kw NUMBER OF MIXER ENGINES 18,5 kw GAMAK VOLTAGE 380V - 50 Hz METALLIC STRUCTURE/MAIN CHASSIS The main chassis has been designed according to field experience and so as to easier transportation, installation, maintenance, operation processes. Aggregate Bunker Weighing capacity : 24 m3 Aggregate Compartment : 4 x 6 m3 compartments, 1 evacuation doors per compartment Vibrator : 2 Pieces Kemp 200/3 Aggregate Feeding Belt Dimensions : 650 mm x 2450 mm Motor-Reductor : 3 kw Drive Drum : 10 mm rubber coated Bed Type : SNH Series Felt Cast Iron Bed with Lubrication Band Tape : TS 542 Norm 4 Ply, 4/2, Aggregate Weighing Bunker Weighing capacity : 1 m3 Load cell : 4 x 1000 kg Zemic Vibrator : 2 Piece Kemp 200/3 Cement Weighing Hopper Weighing capacity : 300 kg Load cell : 3 x 500 kg Zemic Pneumatic valve : Wam Bv1fs250nn Diameter: 250 Driver : Wam Acp13 Pneumatic Actuator Vibrator : 1 Piece Kemp 100/3 Water Weighing Hopper Weighing capacity : 200 lt Load cell : 3 x 500 kg ZEMIC Pneumatic valve : Bv1fs150nn – Diameter: 150 Driver : Acp13 Pneumatic Actuator Additive Weighing Hopper Weighing capacity : 20 lt Load cell : 1 x 100 kg ZEMIC Pneumatic valve : 1 ’’ TORK Pump : 0,37 kw Weighing System : 1 pcs chemical weighing system Piston Air Compressor It has a stop-start working system, driven by belt-pulley. It has a 3 phase electric motor. Flow : 200 lt/mn. Operating : 6-8 Bar MIXER TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Feature Value/Unit Capacity Loading Capacity m3/h 0,5 Fresh Concrete Capacity m3 0,5 Capacity Lt 750 Gearbox /Engine KW 18,5 ERMAKSAN/GAMAK 1500 rpm/m Sıde wears mm 8 HARDOX Mixer Body Wear mm 10 HARDOX Number Of Scraper pcs 1 Number Of Mixing Arms pcs 2 Scraper and Mıxıng Pallets mm 32 mm NI-HARD-4 Engine Power Kw 18,5 Water Distributer Available Pneumatic Discharge Cover Kw Available Maintenance and Safety Valve Available Emergency Button Available Mixer Cover System Pneumatic Cover Open/Close Sensor Available = More information = Colour: Orange Empty weight: 8.500 kg Cargo space capacity: 30.000 l Warranty: 24 months Capacity: 30 m^3/hDiğerlerini göster

Polygonmach Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

saray mah 675 cadde no:24/4 06830 ankara Ankara Türkiye
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