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Polygonmach PCC60 60m3/hour compact skip hoist co

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Polygonmach PCC60 60m3/hour compact skip hoist co
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A POLYGONMACH PCC60 60 M3 compact concrete batching plant, if high quality and well designed, can provide users with many advantages: 1. Thanks to its high production capacity, it provides a fast supply of concrete used in large and complex construction projects. 2. Depending on its technical characteristics, especially mold, pump, etc. When used, it simplifies the concrete pouring works and speeds up the works without sacrificing quality. 3. Thanks to the automatic control systems, the concrete quality is ensured at a consistently high level. This ensures excellent results in construction projects. 4. Thanks to its compact design, it takes up little space and is easy to transport, install and disassemble. Thus, users can quickly move these exchanges from one place to another. 5. With energy efficient and environmentally friendly design options, operating costs are lowered, thereby saving more money for users. 6. If properly cared for, it is long lasting and generally delivers a high quality product. Because of all this, a high-quality and well-designed compact concrete batching plant with a capacity of 60 M3 is preferred by construction companies and contractors. A POLYGONMACH 60 M3 compact concrete batching plant can use different types of additives, cements and aggregates depending on its type and properties. These factors determine the desired properties of concrete. Cement: The cements generally used in concrete batching plants are ordinary ported cements, blast furnace slag cements and reactive powder additive cements. These different types of cement can change various properties of concrete. Mobility: stationary Other characteristics: compact, automatic Capacity: 60 m³/h(2,118.88 ft³/h)Diğerlerini göster

Polygonmach Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

saray mah 675 cadde no:24/4 06830 ankara Ankara Türkiye
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