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Polygonmach PSC240 240m3/hour stationary concrete

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Polygonmach PSC240 240m3/hour stationary concrete
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POLYGONMACH PSC240 240 m3/hour is the production capacity of a stationary concrete plant that can produce 240 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Fixed concrete batching plants are designed to produce high volume concrete used in the construction industry. Projects where this concrete is used are generally large construction projects and require high strength, long life, environmentally friendly and high quality concrete. Stationary concrete batching plants are equipped with automatic or semi-automatic control systems to increase production efficiency and quality and are available in various capacities. A concrete batching plant with a capacity of 240 m3/hour can be an ideal production capacity for medium and large scale construction projects. The type of sand aggregate to be used in the 240 M3 stationary concrete plant may vary according to the requirements and conditions of the project to be used in the production of concrete. The sand aggregate to be used should meet the properties required by the concrete, especially in terms of granulometry. Sand aggregates are generally used for concrete types between M20 - M150 and should have properties such as bonding, durability and stability. Generally, round, angular or flat sands can be used in a concrete plant. For example, round grits hold less water and are easier to work with, while angular grits absorb more water and increase bonding strength. Flat sands, on the other hand, can be used in accordance with the fine details of the concrete. The appropriate type to be selected for sand aggregate should be determined according to the characteristics of the project, concrete quality and durability. Mobility: stationary Other characteristics: automatic Capacity: 240 m³/h(8,475.52 ft³/h)Diğerlerini göster

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