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Polygonmach PSC30

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Polygonmach PSC30
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A 30 m3 fixed concrete plant is considered as a fixed concrete production facility, capable of producing 30 m3 of concrete per hour. POLYGONMACH Fixed concrete plants are important equipment used in the construction sector for concrete production, and due to their fixed structure, they provide higher efficiency. POLYGONMACH Fixed concrete plants are commonly used to meet the needs of large projects such as road, bridge, building, and infrastructure constructions. Aggregate Bunkers: Concrete batching systems, where aggregates are stored and measured, are usually equipped with one or more bunker systems. These bunkers are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the aggregates to be used. Cement silos: Cement is another important material used in concrete. In 30m3/hour fixed concrete plants, there are one or more cement silos for storage and dosing. Water Systems: During the production of concrete, water is a crucial material that initiates and continues the reaction of concrete. 30m3/hour fixed concrete plants include water systems used for providing the appropriate temperature, quality, and quantity for concrete production. Control System: Concrete production should be carried out with proportional material measurements, quality mix, and correct process conditions. In 30m3/hour fixed concrete plants, the control system ensures the correct measurement of existing materials, maintaining suitable temperature, humidity, and other factors during the mixing process, and checking the quality of the concrete. Mobility: stationary Capacity: 30 m³/h(1,059.44 ft³/h) = More information = Cargo space capacity: 30.000 lDiğerlerini göster

Polygonmach Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

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