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Kato HD1025 - 7

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Ürün grubu
Paletli ekskavatörler
Marka / model
Kato HD1025 - 7
Kayıt yılı
Extra options
Makinenin yeri
Ümraniye, İstanbul
Mascus ID


Brüt ağırlık
25.000 kilogram
Motor gücü
127 kW (173 hp)
Motor üreticisi
Kepçe kapasitesi
1 m3
Emisyon sınıfı
Stage V / Tier IV final
Track width
600 mm
Taşıma Ölçüleri (EnxBoyxYükseklik)
10070 x 2990 x 3230 mm
Orijinal renk
Production country
Delivery terms
Diğer bilgiler
The large capacity DEF (Desel Exhaust Fluid)tank. DEF replenishment is every 1 time per 2 times of fuel replenishment (subject to working condition). DEF tank is located inside of the tool box and easy to access. DPF regeneration control system. The new 3 step control system makes it possible to have continuous operation without stopping the machine and is very fuel ecient. 2 stage turbo charged system. Output performance that accommodates for both heavy duty work and low fuel consumption. Refurbished hydraulic system for improved operability. Pressure loss reduction is contributory to low fuel consumption. The add-on valve is now mountable, hence smartly corresponding to the conventional optional equipment that require additional space for certain necessary valves. In addition, KATO has a traditionally fine cut and smoothly refined compatible feeling made by detailed tuning. New main pump. Contributory to reduction in fuel consumption is the newly mounted ecient main pump. Moreover, a variety of optional equipment can now be accommodated for due to the PTO pump being mountable The KATO original cabin is durable and of smart design. The cabin is compliant with ROPS safety standard (ISO 12117-2). It secures the safety and protection of the operator from roll-over over accident. The cabin is also compliant with ISO 10262 (Top guard level Ⅰ) and protect the operator from falling objects.Diğerlerini göster

Meka Lift Makine Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

Şerifali Mah. Turgut Özal BLV Meral Plaza No:169/5 34775 Ümraniye İstanbul Türkiye
Mascus'taki yıl sayısı