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Faresin FS 7.40 Excellence 85

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Ürün grubu
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Marka / model
Faresin FS 7.40 Excellence 85
Kayıt yılı
Extra options
Makinenin yeri
Ümraniye, İstanbul
Mascus ID


Güç tipi
Kaldırma kapasitesi
4.000 kilogram
Kabin tipi
Kapalı kabin
Motor gücü
85 kW (116 hp)
Motor üreticisi
Maks. Hız
30 km/h
Lastik boyu
460/70 R24
Orijinal renk
Grey - Red
Taşıma Ölçüleri (EnxBoyxYükseklik)
5340 x 2310 x 2450 mm
Production country
Delivery terms
4 LED Working Lights Additional Rear Mirror Grille Protector a/c Reversible Fan radio presetting Queen cab sun curtain Tow Hook Steel Counterweight
Diğer bilgiler
Designing with a view to the future also means striving to reduce environmental impacts, minimise fuel consumption, optimise the use of resources, and ultimately improve performance. Many of these improvements are not physically visible, but the innovative shape of the engine hood is clear. It is designed to facilitate the intake of a copious flow of fresh and clean air, intelligently directed into the engine compartment, keeping all parts at the ideal temperature. The cooling fan is independently activated and automatically self-regulates the rotation speed depending on the temperature. Reversible and electronically controlled, it combines perfect temperature regulation with reduced fuel consumption, representing a conclusive solution for use in dusty environments. DOCILE POWER Loading, backing up, raising the boom, unloading, then starting again and repeating the same work cycle, is now simple thanks to the movement direction control inserted in the FS Joystick. One hand to control power and agility. MORE MANEOUVRING SPACE Explaining agility means considering multiple aspects. The turning radius of just 3.8 metres is enhanced by the almost total absence of any rear overhang. In practical terms, this translates into improved manoeuvrability in tight spaces. HYDRAULIC POWER The hydraulic component is the real strength of this telehandler. Faresin Industries sought to oversize it to guarantee versatility of use, rapid work cycles, and fluid and precise movements. The hydraulic oil circuit adopts the same design logic to provide modular solutions for all uses, always with a view to optimising performance and minimising fuel consumption. There are two possible solutions with circuits starting from a flow rate of 95 l/min up to 150 l/min. The standard solution is with gear pump, or most performing solution with variable displacement piston pump, in load sensing. HIGHER PERFORMANCE LESS FUEL CONSUMPTION There are 5 available engines, all 4-cylinder, and all Stage V compliant, common rail, with turbo compressor and intercooler with specific power distribution curves for these machines. High performance even at low speed to respond to the need for power associated with specific uses. High torques optimised for high performance and low fuel consumption.Diğerlerini göster

Meka Lift Makine Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

Şerifali Mah. Turgut Özal BLV Meral Plaza No:169/5 34775 Ümraniye İstanbul Türkiye
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