Mascus ads visibility options

Mascus gives you now the opportunity to promote or highlight your ads in the search results and boost the visibility of the equipment of your choice! You can activate these options directly from your Mascus Admin dashboard. You will notice that for each of your ads you have two new buttons giving you the option to highlight or to promote your ad.


  • You can lift up ads of your choice on top of the search results like if it was freshly placed.
  • The ad will display a ”promoted” sticker on the top left corner of the photo for 7 days.
  • The ad will stay on top of the search results until someone else places a new ad or promote his ad too.


  • You can giveyour ad’s background some color to stand out from the other ads.
  • This feature does not lift up the ad in the search results and only offers a cosmetic change.

In order to use these promotion options you will have to purchase “Mascus Credits”. Mascus Credits is a virtual currency created for Mascus customers (dealers) to buy Mascus services.

You can easily do that by pressing the “Credits” button on your Mascus Account toolbar.

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